What Is The Best PSI And Which PSI Suit For Your Pressure Washer?

What Is The Best PSI And Which PSI Suit For Your Pressure Washer?

The pressure washer is one of the most useful cleaning devices. It consists of several accessories that coordinate together to guarantee optimal results. One of the main factors to look at before purchasing the device is the PSI. The PSI range you pick should depend on your needs. This article will help you understand the best PSI for your pressure washing device.

What is PSI in a pressure washer?

PSI refers to pounds per square inch. It is the amount of force necessary for water to hit a surface that you are washing. The maximum PSI, your pressure washing device, can handle determines the cleaning job it can do. For instance, light duties require low PSI. Furthermore, high PSI means that your water will have more power.

PSI breakdown

1. Pressure washer of 1000-2000PSI

If you want the pressure washer for home chores, then the one with a PSI of between 1000 and 2000 is perfect for you. The pressure washer is perfect for taking care of normal automotive and household chores, such as car, lawn furniture, and grilles cleaning. It is perfect for light-duty handling works. Furthermore, it is also ideal for infrequent use.

2. 2000-3000 PSI

The 2000-2900 PSI is perfect for medium-duty. If you want a pressure washing device that can handle slightly heavier tasks, the 2000-3000 PSI device is perfect. The common units with that PSI range are the gas or electric-powered pressure washing devices. Some of the cleanings works that the device can do include; cleaning tough stains, siding, driveways, and decks.

3. 3000-6900 PSI

The 3000-6900 PSI is extremely high pressure. It is suitable for commercial and professional work. The high-pressure devices mostly run on diesel or gas. Some of the works that the heavy-duty pressure washing machine can do include; removing mold, stubborn stains, and mildew. It can also help with removing graffiti and stripping paint

4. 7000-50000 PSI

The ultra-high pressure washing devices are perfect for engineering and industrial settings. They are ideal for cleaning large structures and buildings, like bridges.

Everything you need to know about handling the PSI of a pressure washer
· Do not use the ultra-high PSI on light duties task

Ultra-high PSI on light surface cleaning jobs may bring about damage instead of cleaning. For instance, if you use a machine with a PSI of 3000 on lawn furniture, you may damage its appearance.

· A pressure washer can give you a kickback

There is a high chance that a high PSI pressure washing machine will jolt you after pulling the trigger. The jolt can knock you off from a high surface or make you slide on a greasy surface. Therefore, always expect to experience a kickback.

· Do not use the pressure washing device on a ladder

The device is bound to have high pressure. If you are not ready for its impact, you can easily fall from the ladder. Thus, always be careful while handling a high PSI washer.


A pressure washer works effectively with the right PSI. Thus, the type of device you buy should match your cleaning needs. For instance, always go for the 1000 to 2000 PSI machine if you want one for your residential cleaning.