Unblock UBox 9 Super TV Box Review Guide

Unblock UBox 9 Super TV Box Review Guide

The UBox 9 Super TV Box is the latest Unblock Tech TV with a sleek and clean design. Embroidery with the brand logo at the top, it has a sleek and soft base embedded with a LED Light. Being the latest, it is more stable, powerful, and faster than other generations.

Getting the UBox 9 smart TV box at the unblocktech, the package contains

  • The Unblock 9 TV Box
  • An HDMI Cable
  • A remote control
  • An adapter and
  • The user manual

Apart from its sleek and fashionable design, UBox 9 offers free and quality Live TV from over 2000 channels. Depending on your preferences, you can watch the latest blockbuster movies, comics, documentaries, series, TV shows, children's channels, Olympic games and so many more.

Furthermore, Unblock TV box 9 is a multilingual supported device that is accessible to over 30 countries. The TV Box supports the languages of different countries including China, Japan, Tawan, the UK, the US, and Europe.

UBox 9 Unique Features

Below are some of the unique features of the UBox 9 Super TV Box

Double Storage Space

The Unblock 9 TV box comes with a double storage space of 64GB ROM and 4G RAM with an H616 CPU processor. This makes the TV box to be super fast with improved performance. Hence, uninstalling software to run large files or games becomes unnecessary.

5.0 Bluetooth System

With its 5.0 Bluetooth system, the TV box can connect with different Bluetooth devices disrespective of the distance.

6K Hardware Decoder

With its H.265 6K video decoding hardware, the TV box gives quality, bright, and colorful clear pictures. Hence, getting a TV box promises to give a colorful visual experience.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Also, it comes with 2.4G & 5G dual-band Wi-Fi which is responsible for quick transmission of quality and clearer pictures or videos.

AI Voice System

With the intelligent AI voice system embedded in the TV box, you can control it with your voice even though this can be done with a remote.

Multi-Screen Connection

With the Unblock Tech 9 TV box, you can connect your phone screen with the TV screen provided it is connected under the same Wi-Fi. This gives you the chance to watch movies, and play games on your phone on a larger screen.

Full Globe Coverage

Another exciting fact about the Unblock TV box 9 is its numerous CDN Nodes which gives it a full wider coverage around the globe. Amazingly, its usage is backed up by its multilingual options.

Latest System

Being the latest generation, the UBox 9 TV box uses the Android 10.0 system with many latest functions like a 5.0 Bluetooth System, an Intelligent voice system, and a 5G network.

Product Specifications

Check out the full specifications of the Unblock TV box 9 hardware.

Name: UBox 9 TV Box

Size: 110MM×110MM×18.5MM

Brand: Unblock Tech

Operating System: Android 10.0

Language: Multilingual (including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.)

Remote Control: AI Voice control

Connectivity technology: 5.0 Bluetooth


GPU: Mail-G31


Flash Storage:64GB EMMC

Network: Wi-Fi Support 802.11 B/G/N/AC wireless protocol 2.4G+5G

Storage Extension Support: Close to 32GB MicroSD(TF)

Power Supply: DC 5V/1.5A

Frequently Asked Questions on Unblock UBox 9 TV Box

1. What is UBox Unblock Tech?

UBox Unblock Tech is a collection of super fast and smart TV boxes produced under the Unblock brand.

2. What is the latest UBox?

The latest UBox is the Unblock UBox 9 TV Box.

3. How do I set up Unblock 9?

To set up the super-fast TV box, attach the Unblock 9 to the TV and connect it to the Wi-Fi. With that, you can start enjoying your streaming!