Pros & Cons of Wearing Big Bras That Give Full Coverage

Pros & Cons of Wearing Big Bras That Give Full Coverage

For most of us, wearing a bra is part of everyday life and it is something that we have been wearing since the age of fifteen or sixteen. A bra fulfills a lot of functions, from providing coverage and support to an accessory that can be used to make your garment look better.

However, most of the aesthetics is done with tiny lacy bras and big bras are often considered granny bras to be worn inside the shirt and god forbid someone sees the ugly beige of the shoulder strap. This is why, I am of the opinion that big bras although are functional, but they tend to be overlooked and do not get the love they deserve.

For this very reason, in this article a list of pros and cons of big bras will be provided, so that you can choose for yourself if you love them or hate them.

Pro: Big Bras Can Save You from Saggy Boobs

The way this works is that your breast tissue is attached to the muscles in the chest only at the point of the backside of the breast tissue. This means that the rest of your boob is loosely hanging in front of you and our dear friend gravity is constantly pulling it down. As a result, if you do not wear a big bra that provides full coverage, then your boobs will definitely sag.

Con: Big Bras Can be Painful

Even the idea of having your boobs cooped up in a bra with little to no air movement can be painful to many of us. This is perhaps the biggest con to having a big bra cover your boobs upwards of 8 hours a day. It can be painful and you feel uncomfortable when your boobs are not allowed to be unhinged.

Pro: It Can Improve Posture

Think of a posture belt that you wear around your shoulders and back. In the beginning it is extremely painful to be forced into a straight back posture, but with time you get the benefit of a straight back. The same logic applies to big bras as well, as the waist band of a big bra can act as a posture improver. Although painful, but big bras can be critical in keeping your back straight and stop you from hunching shoulders.

Con: Improper Sizes can Cause More Damage than Benefit

Let us suppose you are wearing a big bra that provides full coverage, but your choice in the bra is wrong because the bra cups are way bigger than your boobs. If that is the case, then your whole day will be spent with your breasts bouncing around and that can be painful. In reality, an improper sized bra does not provide any support and only adds to your discomfort.


As you can see, there are both pros and cons to wearing big bras, which is why you have to review your own case, the style of your job and how badly you don’t like to wear big bras. Perhaps, go for sports bras or full coverage bras that can be categorised as big bras, but do not have the excessive material that most big bras usually have. Happy shopping!