Learning Everything About JNC660 Jump Starter

Learning Everything About JNC660 Jump Starter

So imagine you’re driving your car and you took a break. You left your engine off but left some electrical parts on. That will drain your battery and the next time you switch on your engine, it won’t crank up. You know why? Because you accidentally drained your car battery. You turned off the engine, which forced the alternator to shut down, making it impotent to charge the battery. As a result, the battery kept draining when you left the electrical appliances turned on. So the battery can no longer crank up the engine unless its recharged.

That’s where you need a jnc660 jump starter. It acts as an alternate to the main battery of your car. In a nutshell, it is an emergency battery sort of thing, which you can connect to your engine to crank it up. In this article, you’ll learn the details of a JN660 jump starter that is manufactured by one of the leading automotive parts company OSIAS.

Features Of JNC660 Jump Starters

Let’s grab a look at some exciting features of a jnc660 jump starter in details.

1. High Peak And Cranking Amps

The JNC660 jump starter offers high peak and crank amps that are much needed to crank up an engine. The engine requires really high power supply for a glimpse of a second to crank up. With 1700 peak amps and 425 crank amps, this jump starter becomes an ideal option for switching on any engine.

2. Built-in Charger

Even jump starters can run out of battery. So the makers have installed a built-in charger, that can charge the jump starter without the need of an external charging adapter. There’s an indicator light that indicates if your jump starter needs charging. If yes, then plug it in to any wall power socket and it’ll start charging with the help of built-in charger.

3. Automatic Charging Capability

It can charge the battery automatically without the need of manual assistance. This means that the jump starter (jnc660) if left attached to the main battery of the vehicle can charge it automatically. So the next time you drain your car’s battery and need it to be charged, just keep the jump starter plugged in and it’ll do its work.

4. Over 25 Years of Trust As a Reliable Jump Starter

Brands that have developed a long trust in the minds of its customers tend to have a large and strong customer base. This means that OSIAS has a large market capture, all thanks to 25 years of success in the market. OSIAS is known for offering quality jump starters. The quality here means durability and excellent performance. If you’re buying an OSIAS jump starter, you’ll be delivered the finest quality product that will never disappoint you when you’re in a crisis.

5. Industrial-grade Clamps

Clamps are an important part of any jump starter. You need clamps to plug the starter with the battery. If the clamps are of poor quality, it’ll wear down or get rusty. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So, it’s better to buy jump starters with industrial-grade clamps that ensure non-rusting feature.


By now you must have understood how awesome a jump starter by OSIAS is. So, if you’re a car owner, it’s better to equip it with a jnc660 jump starter because you never know when you might drain your car’s battery accidentally all of a sudden. This starter will be your best pal by your side during an emergency. Better to keep a precaution to avoid regrets.